Unlock faster ROI with on-demand and automated infrastructure

In today's digital era, the businesses that can constantly innovate, adapt, and evolve are the ones that survive and grow. That's why many businesses are turning to DevOps to improve speed to market, enhance customer-centricity, and minimize costs associated with product development. DevOps creates a step-change ability for businesses to streamline infrastructure, operations, and engineering functions to continuously deliver more secure and scalable digital platforms.         

Our experts can automate environment provisioning, configurations, testing, monitoring, and software deployments with the top open-source tech, industry best practices, and cloud infrastructure. The result - faster, responsible, and radically efficient market delivery of every digital initiative.


Our Services

Cloud Strategy

No matter your current state, we can help you automate your cloud infrastructure to reduce costs, eliminate risks and accelerate growth

Cloud Architecture

Architect the cloud apps and platforms to leverage modern tools, services, and cloud best practices to improve scale and costs

Cloud Migration

Plan, architect, and migrate your existing infrastructure and apps to GCP, AWS, or Azure cloud; Pick the right tools and architectures to reduce costs, avoid pitfalls, and scale faster

Platform Support

Fully-managed services and support to help you build and operate robust, fault-tolerant, secure, and scalable products on public and private cloud platforms

DataOps & MLOps

Build robust, real-time, and cost-effective analytics and AI/ML platforms for storing, processing, and analyzing massive amount of data on the cloud


Automate the allocation, operations, and monitoring of all cloud apps and resources to improve reliability, performance, and engineering velocity

  • Working with Rapidops enabled us to accelerate our cloud adoption and fully leverage its potential. They transformed the way we build, ship, and operate mission-critical software and analytics applications.

    Chase C.

    Chase C. CIO / Flexprint

  • Rapidops team architected and built a fully-automated and containerized cloud platform for our 650+ live services, countless moving parts, and stringent security requirements. It reduced our costs by 40% and drastically improved performance and uptime.

    Sam M.

    Sam M. Co-founder / Salesmate

Discover what DevOps can do for you

Let us examine your current IT and engineering infrastructure to find opportunities to reduce cloud costs, boost engineering velocity, and save human efforts. 

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Waterfall is dead. It’s agile time.

Gone are the days of multi-year builds and grand releases. Every organization must continuously evolve its products and services to stay relevant. Strong DevOps capabilities enable companies to reduce infrastructure and admin costs, improve reliability, tighten security, and boost engineering productivity. We help our clients leverage some of the most advanced DevOps strategies, best practices, and technologies to design world-class infrastructure that is scalable, automated, and optimized to accelerate innovation.

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Trending Technologies
  • Puppet
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • ELK Stack
  • Grafana
  • DataDog
  • GitHub
  • Maven
Top Practices
  • Cloud-native Architectures
  • Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  • Containerization
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Infrastructure Security


Got questions? We’ve got answers!

  1. What does a DevOps company do?

    A DevOps company helps businesses streamline and automate their software development, deployment, and infrastructure management processes. They enable organizations to enhance collaboration between development and operations teams, accelerate time-to-market, and improve product reliability and security. By leveraging modern tools, best practices, and cloud infrastructure, a DevOps company can significantly enhance the efficiency of digital product and platform delivery.

  2. What are the benefits of DevOps implementation
  3. What services do you offer as part of your Cloud & DevOps solutions?
  4. How does Rapidops ensure infrastructure security during the Cloud & DevOps process?