Developing Secure IoT Apps that Connect Devices to the Household

“The Internet of Things is yet to make a full-fledged entry into the market, but before it sees the dawn, it has to counter many security concerns.”

Being a tech lover is not an easy task, but I have always been fascinated and intrigued with the advancements and the innovations that the IT industry has provided to the world. So, when the world was introduced to the concept of IoT, I was immediately hooked on it. Just think of a coffee machine connected to your home’s Wi-Fi or your phone via API integration that pours you the cup of coffee that appeals to your morning taste bud, precisely at the time you wake up and get out of the bed. Who would not like that kind of treatment from the machine? It saves time, like a lot of time. This is where I fell with the concept of IoT. I was just increasingly researching about IoT, and by this time, claims had been made that it is the dawn of IoT. Today, while writing about IoT, I am a little bit disappointed to say this, but it has been a sluggish journey. And I will blame it to inadequate development techniques, which need to be improved. We all know that with time every emerging technology gets its proper place in the market, but until that time it will face its share of criticism. My only concern is, Are We Creating an Insecure Internet of Things (IoT)? While searching about IoT, I came across an article, which was very unnerving. Imagine, getting into your smart car that is connected to your home and your mobile devices. Suddenly you receive a message in the car’s display which reads something like this, “If you want to pick up your kids from school today, pay up two bitcoins.” This is a case of supposition, but it is mandatory to investigate the adverse impact of an emerging innovation. And right now, IoT has significant security concerns. Here, we have laid out some top security concerns with which we can create secure and attack proof IoT-enabled applications. We are listing out some crucial points that are advisable while looking for IoT development services that can help you build a secure IoT application.

IoT data protection

As there are many IoT devices, they collect and save a lot of data. The retrieval and processing of the data is an integral part of IoT environment. As the nature of the collected data directly affects user privacy encrypting that data becomes even more necessary. To counter this issue, we suggest using SSL or Secure Sockets Layer protocol whenever the data is stored online. The next part comes with encrypting the data that is being transferred via wireless devices. So, a wireless protocol that has an inbuilt encryption is the best option that you can apply for securing sensitive data like user location.

Authentication of Data

Hacking of devices is a common phenomenon, and any inability in the authentication of data getting transferred between IoT devices will lead to data compromise. Having a proper authentication protocol between encrypted devices can be one of the solutions for this issue.

Attacks on Side-Channels

Even after proper encryption and authentication, there is still a chance where hackers will target the side channels. Such attacks will always be carried out in the way the information is being presented and not on the information itself.

Issues with Hardware

This problem has existed from the day IoT was introduced. And it persists still. But the move of reinforcing processors based on security with every new generation processor by ARM and Intel is hopeful but still far away from reality. The problem persists because as the manufacturing of the chipsets will be focused on IoT, the cost of making will go up as per its modern architecture. Another concern will be the battery backup, whether they will be able to support the new IoT applications and devices.

Testing the Hardware

Having a stringent testing framework in place is the solution if you want to minimize the hardware security challenges of IoT.

Range of Device

The principal concern is the coverage network of the IoT device. The metrics must be carefully decided for the applications or devices. Device range testing helps you discover the safest maximum range of the device without breaking it down.

Capacity and Latency

Bytes per second is the handling speed of your network while the total time taken by the data to get transferred between two endpoints is your network latency. For improving the IoT device performance, developers look for different ways of increasing the latency and capacity of the devices. But the issue is that Capacity and Latency are inversely proportional to each other, so if one is upgraded the other will get degraded. To counter this issue, stringent tests must be carried out for achieving the perfect balance between latency and capacity.

Manufactured Goods Test

As it has a high cost of production, you will not be inclined towards the production of IoT devices on your own, and you will be using components that have been manufactured by others. It is advisable to run proper tests on such modules before integrating them in your device so that you can have an IoT device that functions properly.

How to Develop Secured IoT Applications

We discussed regarding the security threats that the world will face with the IoT device, we discussed the flaw and gave a few suggestions on how you can counter the issues. There must be some strict norms that you should follow before developing IoT technologies because they have not yet emerged as the global standard. Before you get started on the development of research in depth about the various technologies and modules that support the IoT platform, always be on the lookout for threats, as it is an emerging technology. Always choose the right technology partner for your IoT venture.

Rapidops Delivers Secure IoT & Cloud Solutions

We believe that app security and framework testing play a pivotal role while developing any emerging technology. Having an extensive experience in providing innovative solutions to our global clientele, we continuously drive to perform the best and deliver the secure and engaging solutions. Let’s connect for the best now!Contact: http://www.rapidops.com/contact/Email:  hello@rapidops.com Connect: +1-704-208-4338

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